Zero Balancing and QiGong
An Integrated Approach


What attracted me to this program?

After my first treatment I wanted to become a Zero Balancer. After touching my first person I realized that Zero Balancing is the Tao of healing. As Lao-tzu’s 81 chapters in Tao-te ching frames a source so profound and yet so subtle, “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the real way. That which can be named is only transient. In nothingness you will see its wonders. The Tao is empty. However, if you use it, it can never be exhausted.” This was and is my experience today as a Zero Balancer.

The underlying similarity between Zero Balancing and QiGong is that both techniques are about balancing the body’s energy field. The distinction between Zero Balancing and QiGong is that the former works in the bones and the latter works in the energy field. With Zero Balancing, you are working in the core of the individual in the most dense part of their being, versus working in their energy field. The sequence is like a farmer preparing the field before planting the seeds. Though Zero Balancing can stand on its own as a complete system, when QiGong techniques are applied, it moves the experience to a more profound level. To move energy that has been blocked or compromised in the skeleton, Zero Balancing is the most effective technique to accomplish this. QiGong has the ability of integrating this energy back into the individual’s field.

How is incorporating QiGong into Zero Balancing different? I see myself as a piano tuner and the client as the instrument. On a cellular level where we are all connected, I bring to the session my state of balanced energy through QiGong. Staying with the protocol of donkey-donkey, but energetically, I am setting the tone for the session. My state-of-mind and my energy field obtained through QiGong have an effect on that session. The quality of my touch enhances the experience.

In the framework of QiGong there are movements and techniques that one does to balance, refine, organize and clear the energy field. There are also healing techniques that can affect someone else’s energy field. The beauty of Zero Balancing and QiGong is that Zero Balancing releases stuck energy and gets the energy to move from the core out. Closing a session with QiGong techniques that align and organize the energy field in a client now that the energy has been released through Zero Balancing integrates the experience immediately versus a client having to process over a period of time after the session has ended. The QiGong exiting techniques are a perfect counterpart to completing a Zero Balancing session.

I believe that everyone, especially zero balancers, should do QiGong. The benefits of having a QiGong practice are self-healing, balancing, clearing and amplifying one’s energy. It brings a more profound depth to “showing up” in a Zero Balancing session for the practitioner. That depth transfers to the quality of the session the client receives. By doing QiGong, you are in the vocabulary and mindset of energy, which is the underpinning of Zero Balancing.

I also believe zero balancers would make good QiGong teachers. Being able to offer classes to clients would serve both the client and the practitioner. I personally find that my clients that practice QiGong have a more profound Zero Balancing experience. The session is less about structure and more about energy. It seems to go to a altered state of heightened awareness.

For clients that are manic, less focused, emotionally unstable, using the closing techniques (sweeping QiGong healing) in the beginning of the session for 2-5 minutes settles the client, makes them more relaxed, moves them to a place that when the first fulcrum is implemented, they seem to be able to let go and move into the session with ease. Doing a session without these techniques means it takes halfway into the session before they find comfort in letting go.

As a practitioner of Zero Balancing and QiGong the experience of feeling the release of energy under my fingers as a Zero Balancer as well as feeling the field of energy around the client as it moves from scattered to aligned and balanced leads me to believe that Zero Balancing and QiGong are a perfect match as a complete system of energy work. That’s not to say that each cannot stand completely on its own as a healing modality. But when combined together, I believe that it moves the experience to another level.